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Biography of Oliver Bainbridge

Bainbridge, Oliver, lecturer, author and explorer. Mr. Bainbridge is British-born, but aptly designated a "citizen of the world whose heart is no island cut off from other lands but a continent that joins them." He has traveled 200,000 miles and penetrated the unfamiliar regions of the earth, mingled with every color, sort and condition of mankind. 

He enjoys the personal acquaintance of nearly every ruler in the world, has received many honors from various countries and fellowships from geographical, literary and scientific societies for his notable contributions to the world of science. He discovered the Black Jews in the Gulf of Papua. Mr. Bainbridge was the first scientist to visit the Chinese Jews in Kaifengfu---the ancient capital of China, where he discovered a sepher, sepher Torah and an old, long, narrow stone in the side of an empty mud hut which bore traces of an inscription, dealing with these strange people. 

He is author of "India Today," "Peace," "Hidden Jewish Tribes," "Rambles in Thoughtland," "The Heart of China," "Every Day with Another Mind," The Devil's Note Book," "The Balkan Tangle," The Lesson of the Anglo-American Peace Centenary," etc., and is an occasional contributor to leading magazines and journals on travel and education.  

Mr. Bainbridge is a member of the National Peace Council of England and says with much truth that the heroes of peace are greater because more glorious in their usefulness than demigods of war. He who builds is better than he who destroys, that one who binds up a wound is nobler than he who strikes down. When he was received at the White House by President Wilson he thanked the President for the great lesson in humanity which he taught the world by the patience he showed with Mexico and the able and just manner in which he dealt with the difficult Panama tolls question. 

Julius Otto, in speaking of Mr. Bainbridge's lectures, says they are masterpieces of wit and eloquence.  They possess a grandeur, a depth, a power of arresting and thrilling the heart, and that he does not wonder that his opinion is endorsed by the press and public from all parts of the world who have felt the charm of Mr. Bainbridge's words and paid tribute to his eloquence in laughter and tears. Mr. Bainbridge owns the largest collection of autographed photographs and letters from dignitaries and celebrities in the world.

Source: Source:  Builders of Our Nation, Men of 1914 pub. Men of Nineteen-Fourteen, Chicago, Ill. 1915.

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