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Aaron C. Goodman


Mr. Goodman is a native of West Hartford, where he was born April 23, 1822.  After the usual custom of New England village boys, he had his experience of wrestling with the district school, and at the age of thirteen years left that institution to try his hand at clerking in a Hartford bookstore. 

After some years of such employment he went to Philadelphia, in 1841, to enter the service of A. S. Barnes & Co., the noted publishers, - who had established themselves in the Quaker City, under the impression that Philadelphia, and not New York, was destined to become the mercantile metropolis of this country. Mr. Goodman engaged with this firm for two years; but before the expiration of the first year, he received an advantageous proposal from his former employer in Hartford to return and become associated with him in the capacity of partner. 

Looking upon the proposition with favor, he obtained a release from Messrs. Barnes & Co., at the expiration of his first year, and on the first of April, 1842, he came back to Hartford and completed the proposed connection with his old employer, taking an equal interest with him in the business, which was thereafter conducted under the firm name of Sumner & Goodman. After being together six years, Mr. Goodman bought his partnerís interest in the store, which he continued to manage alone until 1852, when he in turn sold out and went to New York to engage in the paper trade. He was in business in New York twenty-one years.

At the organization of the Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company, in Hartford, in 1851, Mr. Goodman became a stockholder, and subsequently a director in the company. He closed his business in New York and returned permanently to Hartford in 1873. Two years later, in June, 1875, he was made president of the Phoenix Life, succeeding in that office the Hon. Edson Fessenden. He held the presidency of this company a little more than fourteen years, resigning in 1889. Since retiring from his official connection with the Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company, Mr. Goodman has embarked in no other active enterprises, feeling that his health had been somewhat impaired by long and close application to business, and that he needed rest. He is not inclined to make any changes which will increase his business cares or anxieties, and feels that he has probably performed his full share of the active duties of an ordinary lifetime.

Mr. Goodman is a member of Trinity church, Hartford, and has long been connected with the masonic fraternity.  

SourceIllustrated Popular Biography of Connecticut - 1891 Compiled and Published by J. A. Spalding Hartford Conn.  Press of the Case, Lockwood and Brainard Company 1891

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