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Charles E. Thompson

CHARLES E. THOMPSON, HARTFORD: With Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles E. Thompson, whose career as a National Guardsman is deserving of the highest admiration and approval, was born in Rockville February 26, 1847, and was educated in the Rockville High school. He resided in Rockville until 1863, when he removed to Hartford, remaining in the city for ten years. He was in the city of Providence for two years, but returned to Hartford in 1875 and has since resided here, being engaged with the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. 

In August, 1865, he enlisted as a private in Battery D, Light Artillery, which was attached to the First Regiment, C. N. G. He was appointed corporal January 20, 1868, and was discharged July 24, 1871. He was the originator of Company K of the First Regiment, enlisting in the command February 10, 1879. On that date he was elected to the first lieutenancy. January 31, 1883, he was elected captain of Company F, Hartford City Guard, of the First Regiment, and was advanced to the lieutenant-colonelcy of the regiment January 22, 1885. During the period that Captain Thompson commanded the City Guard the company stood at the head of the brigade in figures of merit. The credit and distinction which he won as a line officer were accorded to him without dissent throughout the National Guard as a field officer of the First.

In personal honor, instinct and training, Lieutenant-Colonel Thompson is the ideal military leader. In March, 1890, he was elected major-commanding the Veteran City Guard. In 1889 he was captain-commanding Company K, Veteran Corps. He has also been the military instructor at the West Middle school in this city, holding the position for one year. During the presidential campaign of 1888 he was in command of the Harrison and Morton battalion of this city, ranking as major. Lieutenant-Colonel Thompson originated the present signal for calling out the city companies in case of emergency, the call being made by means of the alarm fire bell. At the time of the Park Central hotel disaster the signal was sounded for the first time, being ordered by Governor Bulkeley, and within twenty minutes one hundred men were en route from the armory in uniform and armed for the scene of the calamity. The service rendered by the Guard at that time under command of Colonel Cone and his associate field officers was invaluable.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thompson is one of the most respected citizens of Hartford. For six years he was assistant superintendent of the Center church Sunday-school, and was treasurer for one year of the Connecticut temperance Union, of which Governor Buckingham was the first president. He declined a second term on account of increasing business duties. For the past eleven years he has been a member of the board of deacons and treasurer of the Asylum Hill Congregational church. He is also a member of the board of managers of the Young Menís Christian Association. Nine years of his business life were spent with the Cheney Silk Manufacturing Co. The past fifteen years have been passed with the Connecticut Mutual Life, where he holds a responsible position in the bond and mortgage department. The wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Thompson, who is still living, was Miss Abby Frances Allen prior to her marriage. There are three children in the family, the oldest of whom is connected with the Hartford Courant in this city.

SourceIllustrated Popular Biography of Connecticut - 1891 Compiled and Published by J. A. Spalding Hartford Conn.  Press of the Case, Lockwood and Brainard Company 1891

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