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Edgar Smith Yergason


E. S. Yergason was born in the town of Windham on the 10th day of September, 1840. He remained in his native town in attendance upon the district school and at the Pine Grove Seminary in South Windham, until he had fully completed his education, and in 1859 went to Hartford and engaged in service as a clerk with the dry goods firm of Talcott & Post. His connection with the house continued twenty-two years, during which period he acquired a most thorough and practical knowledge of the business in all its branches.

During the presidential campaign of 1860, Mr. Yergason was one of the thirty-six young republicans of Hartford who on the evening of March 7th, organized the original "Wide Awake" club, an organization which spread over the whole country, and undoubtedly elected Abraham Lincoln President of the United States. Mr. Yergason as a young man was an ardent republican and patriot, and at the breaking out of the war of the rebellion he early enlisted and served as a private in Company B, of the Twenty-second regiment, Connecticut Volunteers.

At the expiration of his term of service he returned to the store and remained in the employ of Talcott & Post until the two partners separated in 1880, when he joined the last named gentleman in the formation of the firm of William H. Post & Company, whose extensive establishment in the line of carpets and interior house decorations, in the city of Hartford, has a reputation co-extensive with the country itself. As a professional decorator Mr. Yergason is a gentleman of excellent taste and executive ability, and he personally superintends this entire department of the firmís extensive business. He has made and executed contracts for the most elaborate decorations in the private residences of the wealthiest citizens of Washington, New York, Brooklyn, Albany, Providence, and other metropolitan cities, - competing for the business with the most noted decorators of New York and Philadelphia. 

The recent decoration of the White House at Washington by the firm of Wm. H. Post & Co., under the exclusive management of Mr. Yergason, has been commended by connoisseurs at the capitol as the finest example of artistic taste in the line of interior decoration to be found on the continent. Referring to the effect produced in the "Blue Room" of the executive mansion by Mr. Yergasonís treatment of it, one of the government officials publicly states his belief that "it is to-day the most beautiful room in the world." It is no small compliment to the house of Wm. H. Post & Co. when it is selected to produce the finest possible effects in the dwellings of the wealthiest citizens of the land, and the home of the chief magistrate himself.

Mr. Yergason is an attendant at the Asylum Avenue Congregational church, is a member of Robert O. Tyler Post, G. A. R., and of the Army and Navy Club of Connecticut. He married in Hartford Miss Emeline B. Moseley, third daughter of the late D. B. Moseley, who was editor, as well as proprietor and founder, of the Religious Herald, the organ of Connecticut Congregationalists. They have three children.

SourceIllustrated Popular Biography of Connecticut - 1891 Compiled and Published by J. A. Spalding Hartford Conn.  Press of the Case, Lockwood and Brainard Company 1891

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