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Henry R. Adkins

HENRY R. ADKINS, WINSTED: Harness-maker.

Henry R. Adkins has spent most of his life in the business of harness-making. 

He is a well-known resident in his section of the state. 

He commenced life in the old town of Plymouth, and afterwards removed to New Hartford. Thence he transferred his interests to Winsted, where he has since resided.   He is a member of the First Congregational church of that place, and a man of exemplary life and character. His wife, who is still living, was Miss Ruth Ann Baker prior to marriage. Both of the children, the fruit of this union, are dead. 

Mr. Adkins was born in the town of Plymouth, January 30, 1815, and received a common school education.


Source:  Builders of Our Nation, Men of 1914 pub. Men of Nineteen-Fourteen, Chicago, Ill. 1915.

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