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Samuel Fitch

SAMUEL FITCH, ROCKVILLE: Manufacturer of Stockinets and Plushes.

The progenitors of Mr. Fitch were of French descent. His father, Samuel Fitch, was born in Bolton, Tolland county, and removed to Albion, N.Y., where his death occurred. He married Nancy Atwell of Montville, Conn., and had one child. Samuel, the subject of this biography, was born December 2, 1821, in Enfield, Hartford county, where the greater portion of his youth was spent. After several terms at the common school, he pursued his studies at North Wilbraham, Mass., and until his twenty-second year continued the healthful employment of a farmer. 

He then engaged in the sale of merchandise in New England, frequently extending his trips to the Canadas, where he received furs in exchange for other commodities. Mr. Fitch finally, becoming weary of the nomadic life which his business necessitated, settled in West Stafford, and, renting a factory, embarked in the manufacture of knit goods, continuing for thirteen years in this location. During the years 1858 and 1859 he was selectman of that town. He then removed to Rockville, and, renting a factory, engaged in manufacturing at that point. In 1874 he purchased his present site, which has since that date been greatly enlarged and improved. Here he continues the production of a great variety of knit goods, certain specialties of which have given the mill a deservedly high reputation.

Mr. Fitch was, on the 9th of January, 1845, married to Mariette, daughter of Daniel Spencer of Enfield. Their children are Spencer S., Sarah E. (wife of C. H. Strickland), and Fred. H. (deceased). The son is identified with the business which is now a corporation under the firm name of "The Samuel Fitch & Sons Co." Mr. Fitch was formerly a whig, and later became an exponent of the principles of the republican party. He has held various local offices, and during the years 1860, 1861, and 1877, represented his town in the state legislature. He was from 1863 to 1869 state railroad commissioner. He was also one of the incorporators and is a director in the People’s Savings Bank of Rockville. In 1889 he was chosen vice-president of the "United States Central Railroad Company," and in the same year, on the 2d of December, his sixty-eighth birthday, he was elected the first mayor of the city of Rockville for the term of two years. Mr. Fitch was a supporter of the Second Congregational church of Rockville during its existence, and Mrs. Fitch was a member.

Source:  Builders of Our Nation, Men of 1914 pub. Men of Nineteen-Fourteen, Chicago, Ill. 1915.

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