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A. J. Demarest

Supt. Schools, Hoboken, N. J. 

Born at River Edge, N. J. in 1858.  Graduated from New Jersey State Normal School and the New York University.  Has had twenty-nine years' experience in the class-room; twenty-three years principal of grammar schools of Hoboken and Principal of the high school and ten years Superintendent.  

Under his progressive, yet conservative management, the Hoboken schools have grown in efficiency until they are now looked upon as the leading schools of the state.  During Mr. Demarest's term as Superintendent, he has revolutionized the school system and has placed it upon a modern and up-to-date basis.  He has enriched the curriculum by the introduction of drawing, sewing, cooking, modeling and joinery.

He is the joint-author of the New Education Readers, a series of readers based upon the synthetic, phonic word method.

Mr. Demarest is a popular lecturer on educational subjects, his list of subjects being varied and including the following:  The Aim of the New Education; This Profession of Ours; The art of Thinking; Teaching Beginners to Read; Creating a Taste for Good Books; A Little Journey Through Book-land;  A Study of the Novel; A Study of the Drama; a Study of Poetry; The Ideal School; This Country of Ours; Literature in the Grades; At the Rubicon; The Micawbers of Every Day Life; The Place of Industrial Work in Education; The Three C's in Education.

Source: "Brewer's Directory of School Superintendents and Normal Principals",  In cities with a population above two thousand  Revised to February, 1907  Published by the Orville Brewer Publishing Co.  The Auditorium, Chicago.

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