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Charles H. Babcock

CHARLES H. BABCOCK, STONINGTON: Principal of Public School No. 16.

Mr. Babcock was born in Groton in 1838, and has been engaged in teaching since he was sixteen years of age. 

He was educated in the seminary at East Greenwich, R.I., preparing him for the profession which has occupied him through life. He was an instructor in the New Jersey schools for a number of years. Mr. Babcock has held numerous offices in the town of Stonington, being at present a member of the boards of education and health, and a justice of the peace. He has also been a member of the board of assessors. He is an attendant of the Baptist church, and is connected with the Masonic order, being a member of the lodge in Stonington. In politics he is a republican. 

Principal Babcock has a wife and three children. The present Mrs. Babcock, who is his second wife, was Miss M. Emma Gardner, of South Kingston, R.I., previous to marriage. The first wife was Miss Abbie Hinckley, of Stonington.

SourceIllustrated Popular Biography of Connecticut - 1891 Compiled and Published by J. A. Spalding Hartford Conn.  Press of the Case, Lockwood and Brainard Company 1891

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