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Earl D. Babst

Babst, Earl D., lawyer, a member of a well known Ohio family of bankers and lawyers, was born at Crestline, Ohio, July 6, 1870, the son of Jacob and Mathilda (Stoll) Babst. Mr. Babst completed the work of the Crestline Public Schools and spent two years in Babst Banking House before finishing his college preparatory work at Kenyon Military Academy, Gambier, Ohio, in 1889. 

He was a student at Kenyon College, 1889-1891, when he entered the University of Michigan, receiving the degrees of Ph.B. in 1893 and of LL.B. in 1894. 

Mr. Babst was in practice in Detroit from 1894 until 1902, in association with Hon. Otto Kirchner, gaining a prominent place at the Detroit Bar, taking an active part in public and political matters, especially in the Sound Money Campaign of 1896. He was one of the founders of the Detroit University School and of the University Club of Detroit, and director of the Citizens' Savings Bank and other corporations. In 1902 Mr. Babst became a member of the law firm of Green, Peters & Babst, of Chicago, General Counsel to the National Biscuit Company, American Radiator Company and other large corporations. In 1906 he removed to New York, succeeding his firm as General Counsel to the National Biscuit Company, of which his associate, A. W. Green (q.v.) was president. Mr. Babst has taken an active part both on the legal and business sides in furthering the well known success of that company. 

 Mr. Babst was president of the University of Michigan Club of New York in 1912-1913, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Advisory Council of his University, of the Executive Council of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity, of Phi Beta Kappa, of American Bar Association, of the University (and Union League) Club of Chicago, of the Association of the Bar, University, Ardsley, and other clubs of New York.     In 1911 the University of Michigan conferred upon him its honorary degree of Master of Arts. Mr. Babst was married in 1903 to Alice Edwina Uhl of Grand Rapids, Michigan, daughter of late Edwin F. Uhl (q.v.) Ambassador to Germany, and has two children, Katherine de Garmo and Alice Edwina.


Source: Source:  Builders of Our Nation, Men of 1914 pub. Men of Nineteen-Fourteen, Chicago, Ill. 1915.

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