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Jonathan Frost

Jonathan Frost came to Springwater from Hartford, Washington Co., N.Y., in 1830. He purchased of David Luther the old tannery property near where Maurice Brown lived. He repaired the tannery and went quite extensively into the business of tanning leather and manufacturing boots and shoes, which he continued for about fifteen years, when he sold the property to Joseph C. Whitehead who continued the business for a number of years. But to return to Jonathan Frost and give a brief description of his family. He married Tamor Ballou. They had eight children, two sons and six daughters I will mention them in their order. Elvira married James C. Van Duze. They are now living at Almond village, Allegany County, N.Y. Eliza married Orson Walbridge and lived in Springwater until her death, which was on the 5th day of Dec., 1871. John J. Frost, the oldest son, married Ann Johnson, of Groveland. They are now living in the town of Ossian. Mary M. married John Jennings and lived in Springwater for many years. They are now living at Sparta. Mrs. Mary Jennings died Jan. 3rd, 1887. Rebecca first married George Barber, of Groveland, who died in 1840.

After about twelve years she married Rufus Chandler, of Nunda, and they soon after left for California, she crossing the Isthmus on mule back. After remaining at Walla Walla California some three years they returned to Nunda, and he volunteered and went into the Union army where he died, after which she came to Dansville to live, where she remained until her death, May 9th, 1875. Lydia Frost married David Fuller, and after a few years they removed to Wisconsin, where she died some ten years since. Electa P. married John Van Husen, of Avoca. She is now living at Dansville. David, the youngest son, is now living somewhere in Northern Wisconsin. Jonathan Frost died at Springwater, August 4th, 1857, aged 76 years, 8 months and 2 days. Tamor Frost, his wife, also died at Springwater.

Source: Early History of the Town of Springwater, Livingston County, New York, by Orson Walbridge, 1887

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