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Hon. Boyd H. McEckron

In casting about for a man or a personality worthy to extol, we do not find any whose praises are more in evidence than those of his friends and fellow citizens of the late B. H. McEckron. It is often when the recipient "has crossed the divide" that we realize that his name is a household word. but Mr. McEckron's pathway was smoothed by many appreciative utterances, while his name will go down to posterity as one of those early settlers who contributed largely to every good cause, was ever on the side of right and justice, and taking an intelligent interest in his town, his county and his state. He was a valuable member of the legislature. A more staunch Republican, a truer man, a more worthy citizen could not be found.

Mr. McEckron was born June 17, 1834, in Hebron, Washington county, New York. He was a son of A. S. McEckron, who was born in 1800. He was originally a woolen goods manufacturer and later a farmer. In 1876, having retired from active business life, he visited Kansas. His death occurred in 1880. Mr. McEckron's paternal grandfather, Jacob McEckron, was a soldier in the American struggle for freedom. His mother, Anna (Donoldson) McEckron, was born in 1800 and died July 2, 1861, and was buried on the Fourth of July. She was a quiet, unostentatious and conscientious woman. Both parents were devoted members of the Presbyterian church.

B. H. McEckron was educated in Delaware Academy, Delhi, New York, receiving a thorough education in the higher English branches, in French and the sciences. Before entering the academy he had nearly learned the carpenter and joiner's trade, which he pursued for several years during the summer, but followed the profession of teaching school during the winter. From 1866 to '68 he was engaged as bookkeeper and foreman for D. A. Goodyear, a lumber dealer at Portage City, Wisconsin. In February, 1868, he paid a visit to his native home in New York, shortly afterward removing to Kansas-and homesteaded land in the Republican valley, near Ames, in Cloud county, where he lived until 1874.

Then he removed to Concordia after receiving the appointment as registrar of the United States land office, which position he filled to the entire satisfaction of the public for over nine years. Mr. McEckron took part in the war of the Rebellion, enlisting September 2, 1861, in Company E, Second Wisconsin Cavalry, and served until November 28, 1862, when he was discharged for disability, being unable to walk. His army life was passed mostly in Missouri and Arkansas in the campaign against the guerrillas and bushwhackers.

In 1868 he was elected superintendent of public instruction in Cloud county. Before the expiration of his term he was elected representative to the legislature from Cloud county in 1870, and unanimously re-elected in 1871 and again in 1873. In the latter term he was chosen speaker of the house of representatives. He was always a Republican, his political career beginning with the birth of the party. His first vote was cast for John C. Fremont for president.

He was married April 16, 1864, to Miss Adaline M. Parmenter, of Randolph, Wisconsin, who was a native of Niagara county, New York. Mrs. McEckron was born April 22, 1842, and died in February, 1897. Mr. McEckron died one year later, July, 1898. Three. children, who survive them, were born to this union: George M., Maud and Alex S.

In 1881 Mr. McEckron bought an interest in the Palace drug store. In 1883 he assumed entire control, buying his partner's interest, and continued in the business until his death.

Source: Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas: biographies of representative citizens; published 1903, 915 pgs.

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