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Brigadier and Brevet Major-General Alexander McD. McCook, U.S.A.

Brigadier and Brevet Major-General Alexander Mcd. McCook was born in Ohio April 22, 1831, and graduated at the Military Academy July 1 , 1852. He was promoted brevet second lieutenant Third Infantry the same day; second lieutenant June 30, 1854; first lieutenant Dec. 6, 1858; and captain May 14, 1861. He served at Newport Barracks and Jefferson Barracks until 1853, when he was ordered on frontier duty at Fort Fillmore, New Mexico, and was scouting against Apache Indians in 1854. He was stationed at Fort Union, and participated in an expedition against Utah and Apache Indians, on commissary duty, in 1855, being engaged in the actions of Sauwatchie Pass and Arkansas River. Was at Cantonment Burgwin, New Mexico, in 1855-56; on the Gila Expedition, as chief of guides, and engaged in action on the Gila River, June 27, 1856; on leave of absence 1857-58, and at the Military Academy, as assistant instructor of infantry tactics, from Feb. 12, 1858, to April 24, 1861.

At the commencement of the war of the Rebellion he served as mustering and disbursing officer at Columbus, Ohio, and in the defenses of Washington City, May to July, 1861, and was engaged in the action of Vienna, June 17, and in the battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861.

He was appointed colonel of the First Ohio Volunteers, to date from April 16, 1861, and was employed in recruiting and organizing his regiment at Dayton. He was mustered out of the volunteer service August 2, 1861, and reappointed colonel of the First Ohio Volunteers August 10, 1861, and appointed brigadier-general of volunteers September 3, 1861. He commanded a brigade in the Department of the Cumberland, and participated in the operations in Kentucky, October to December, 1861. He was then assigned to the command of a division in the Army of the Ohio, participating in the movement to Nashville and Pittsburg Landing, in the battle of Shiloh, advance upon and siege of Corinth, operations in North Alabama, and movement through Tennessee to Louisville, Kentucky, June to September, 1862.

General McCook was appointed major-general of volunteers July 17, 1862, and was assigned to the command of the First Corps, Army of the Ohio, and participated in the advance into Kentucky in October, 1862, and was engaged in the battle of Perryville and march to the relief of Nashville, October, 1862. He was in command of Nashville, Tennessee, November and December, 1862, and was then placed in, command of the right wing of the Fourteenth Corps from December 14, 1862, to January 12, 1863; and of the Twentieth Corps from January to October, 1863. He was in the Tennessee campaign, and was engaged in several skirmishes on the march to Murfreesborough, in the battle of Stone River, combat of Liberty Gap (in command), advance on Tullahoma, crossing the Cumberland Mountains and Tennessee River, and in battle of Chickamauga. He was awaiting orders from October, 1863, to November, 1864, being engaged, while at Washington City, in the defense of the Capital, July 11-12, 1864; and in the Middle Military Division from November, 1864, to February, 1865. Commanded the District of Eastern Arkansas from Feb. to May, 1865.

He was brevetted for gallant and meritorious services lieutenant-colonel March 3, 1862, at the capture of Nashville, Tennessee; colonel April 7, 1862, at the battle of Shiloh, Tennessee; brigadier-general March 13, 1865, at the battle of Perryville, Kentucky; and major-general March 13, 1865, in the field during the Rebellion.

General McCook was with a joint committee of Congress investigating Indian affairs from May to October, 1865; was then on leave of absence and awaiting orders to March 27, 1867. He resigned his commission as major-general of volunteers October 21, 1865, and was promoted lieutenant-colonel of the Twenty-sixth Infantry March 5, 1867, transferred to Tenth Infantry in 1869, and promoted colonel of Sixth Infantry December 15, 1880. He served with his regiment in various departments, and was acting inspector-general of the Department of the Missouri from December, 1874, to June, 1875, and then colonel and aide-de-camp to the general of the army to December, 1880.

He was in command of the post of Fort Leavenworth and the Infantry and Cavalry School of Application from May 13, 1886, to August 28, 1890; appointed brigadier-general July 11, 1890, and assigned to command the Department of Arizona, which position he now occupies.

General McCook is the son of Major Daniel McCook, who was born in 1796, and killed in battle by Morgan's guerillas near Buffington Island, Ohio, July 19, 1863. Seven of his brothers took part in the war for the Union, three of whom, like their father, were killed. Four of the eight McCook brothers attained the rank of general.

Source: Officers of the Volunteer Army and Navy who served in the Civil War, published by L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1893, 419 pgs.

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