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Captain John Stanton Baldwin, U.S.V.

Captain John Stanton Baldwin was born in New Haven, Connecticut, January 6, 1834. His father, at that time a clergyman, was afterward conspicuous in the free-soil and anti-slavery movements, and at a later period, for three terms, a member of Congress from Massachusetts. Mr. Baldwin, Senior, was an author of note, two of his volumes, " Pre-Historic Nations" and " Ancient America," having taken their place among standard works.

Captain Baldwin was on his father's side descended from the Stantons and Denisons, men of mark in the Connecticut and Massachusetts colonies, and officers of the colonial troops. On his mother's side his ancestors can be traced directly to the band of Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth. He received his education in Connecticut schools, graduating at the high and normal schools, but instead of entering Yale College, for which he was fitted, he obeyed a summons to take a responsible and difficult position in the office of a Boston daily newspaper. He had previously learned the printer's trade in Hartford. A handsome volume of poems, issued from the leading publishing house of Boston, was, with the exception of the binding, the entire work of his hands, with such assistance as his brother gave him. He edited the poet's manuscript, set the type, read and corrected the proofs, and did the presswork on a power-press. The title-page he printed on a hand-press.

He was in charge of the business department of the Daily Commonwealth in Boston during the exciting years preceding the war, when a famous group of Massachusetts' most distinguished men made that office their daily meeting-place. It was in these days that he joined a company of young men whom Theodore Parker, one of America's greatest divines, called together, saying that the time was coming when their military knowledge would be of great value to the nation. Mr. Parker was one of the few far-seeing men who anticipated the coming conflict with the slave-power in this country.

Captain Baldwin removed to Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1859, and, associated with his father and brother, became one of the proprietors of the Worcester Spy, the famous-patriot paper of the Revolution, which has been published without interruption since 1770. It has been issued as a daily for many years, and Mr. Baldwin is now its senior proprietor and editor. He has been called to service in the School-Board, City Council, and Legislature, and is a member of several important local organizations.

Captain Baldwin's service in the Union army was as captain in the Fifty-first Massachusetts Regiment. He first enlisted, at a public meeting, as a volunteer in a company of which T. W. Higginson was captain, but at the request of Governor Andrew he organized another company, of which he became captain, and with his regiment was soon after in active service in North Carolina, where Major-General Foster was in command. He took part in the campaign and battles of Kinston, Whitehall, and Goldsborough, and was for a time in command of a battalion on the picket-line beyond New-Berne. He participated in many long and arduous marches. For a brief time he was under General Dix on the Pamunkey River, near Richmond; and later was at Maryland Heights, and was attached to the Army of the Potomac, just after the battle of Gettysburg, when General Lee retreated across the Potomac River.

Captain Baldwin remained in service until the regiment was mustered out. He is living in Worcester, where he married Emily Brown. He has six children,-Eleanor, Robert Stanton, Alice Hathaway, John Denison, Henry Brown, and Emily Clinton. He is a member of the societies of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Army of the Potomac, and the Military Order of the Loyal Legion.

Source: Officers of the Volunteer Army and Navy who served in the Civil War, published by L.R. Hamersly & Co., 1893, 419 pgs.

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