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Mrs. Myrtie Langdon

MRS. MYRTIE LANGDON.--A native daughter of Modesto who has come to he enviably known both as the central figure of a delightful home circle and also for her participation in public life, is Mrs. Myrtie Langdon, of whom the citizens are justly proud. As president of the Public Library board alone she has contributed to raising the intellectual standards of the community, and to adding materially to the attractions of Modesto as a home town.

A daughter of the late Frank E. Conneau, the highly-esteemed pioneer whose useful life is sketched in more detail elsewhere in this volume, Mrs. Langdon attended the public schools of Modesto, and later entered Stanford University, where she majored in history. She was graduated in 1900, at which time she received the Bachelor of Arts degree, and then for about a year she taught school in Stanislaus County, continuing until her marriage. This occurred on May 15, 1902, when she became the wife of Oramil McHenry, the banker and prominent cattle and ranch man, who passed away, to the sincere regret of all who knew him, on February 21, 1906, leaving a splendid record of accomplishment. On his demise, she succeeded him as president of the First National Bank of Modesto, and at that time she was the only woman bank president in the state.

In 1908, Mrs. McHenry was married to William H. Langdon, the district attorney of San Francisco, who had attained an enviable position in the legal world; and when she resigned as president of the bank, Mr. Langdon succeeded her. He also began to practice law in Modesto, and he continued to plead at the bar until he became superior judge. Now he sits on the bench of the State Appellate Court in San Francisco. By her marriage to Mr. McHenry, she has had one child, Merl; and through her union with judge Langdon, two childrenóLois Ann and Lawton Williamóhave come to bless her home.

Mrs. Langdon is vice-president of the George P. Schafer Company, one of the largest mercantile establishments in the valley; and with judge Langdon and her son Merl, she owns large ranch interests in the county. Besides, she is president of the board of trustees of the McHenry Public Library, and has so served since the building was started; and she has taken a very lively interest in the library's growth and maintenance. A splendid type of broad-minded, liberally-disposed woman, Mrs. Langdon's influence for good is far-reaching, and of just that nature and extent for which the ideal woman of today, filled with the modern spirit that looks far into the future, should always strive.

Source:  History of Stanislaus County California with Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the County Who Have Been Identified with Its Growth and Development From the Early Days to the Present  by George H. Tinkham, Historic Record Company, Los Angeles California   1921.

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